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Watermelon Soap

The watermelon soap came again to us after a special request. With clays (green and red) and a delicate scrub effect from the poppy seeds. For the face and body, especially for mixed and oily skin . Creamy, moisturizing, nurturing...

After the preparation, the soap does not have an aroma, so I add a new fragrance: a fresh and energizing watermelon, however, customers who are in love with the sweet but exotic aroma of the previous version of this soap asked for its return.

And here it is. Original watermelon soap with a sweet, exotic aroma.

INCI:  coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, shea butter, castor oil,water,  green clay, red clay, spirulina, poppy seeds, fragrance


* Individual soap bars may differ slightly from each other in terms of pattern, color or weight, which is characteristic of handmade products

Price € 5,00