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Chamomile Soap

Who doesn't know camomile? Everyone knows! And they love this graceful herb, not only for the appearance and smell as a a decoration of our gardens, but also for its healing properties, which cannot be overestimated :) 

Natural azulenes contained in the inflorescences of chamomile are characterized by the ability to inhibit the synthesis of histamine, thanks to this they have antiallergic, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Products containing chamomile are intended for irritated, rough and red skin as well as inflamed. The oil used to make soap is herbs oil. The chamomile was soaked in oil for some time, because all the beneficial healing properties of the herb passed to it. 

I also left a bit of chamomile in macerate, it gave the soap a rustic, simple look and a mild scrub-like effect for our skin :)

 INCI: coconut oil, palm oil, sunflower oil(macerate), olive oil, shea butter,water,  camomile extract, castor oil, fragrance .


* Individual soap bars may differ slightly from each other in terms of pattern, color or weight, which is characteristic of handmade products  

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